About Omang

About us

Omang means happiness in Hindi. Omang is a group of young professionals who came together to in year 2009 to create happiness for everyone which includes entire business eco system. This being the core of the business foundation lead us to conduct business in totally different areas. Main pillars of our business are::

1. Transparency in operation
2. Value addition in business
3. Speed of conducting business
4. Focused on sustainable growth for longevity
5. Bring happiness to all the stake holders
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Today we have 3 separate business verticals namely::

1. Printing division This division supply/services the state of art large format printing equipment. It has a wide range of signage and textile printers. For more details Click here

2. IT Division This division supply the latest IT gadgets which enhances the digital life style. These products are designed by French technologies and offer great price performance. For more details Click here

3. Trading Division This division supply the different items with main focus being on building materials and vehicles. For more detail please visit Click here